Armed conflicts can’t solve political problem: TNLA

Min Naing Soe
Holding peace conferences without stopping clashes won’t be able to solve prolonged political problems, said a source of Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA).
The remarks came from a biannual meeting of the central committee organized by the TNLA held at the central military headquarters of the TNLA in the Palaung Self-Administered Region from July 21 to 25.
A statement issued by the TNLA appeared after holding the meeting. Although more effort is put into peace process, ongoing skirmishes still remain in the ethnic areas. The TNLA’s meeting denounced constant clashes, the statement said.
Vice-Chairman Tar Khu Lan was present at the TNLA’s meeting. He said he attended the opening ceremony of the Third Session of the Union Peace Conference also known as the 21st Century Panglong Conference and gala dinner and also met with Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services. He presented reports to the meeting.
“The informal meeting decided to reduce clashes. The TNLA will meet with the government for further discussions. The statement carried these matters,” said Colonel Tar Aik Kyaw, the spokesperson of the TNLA.
Tatmadaw needs to change its stance and attitude toward the peace process so that all ethnic armed organizations will eagerly join the peace conference. Only with political dialogues, political problems existing in Myanmar can be solved, the statement said.
The TNLA’s meeting designated a task, that is; the technical team of prevalence of rule of law led by administration department is to decide judicial matters and arrest culprits. The TNLA declared that they together with Palaung people would march towards Ta’ang national objective regardless of military and political pressures.    
Translated and Edited by Win Htut