Lower House to discuss live cattle export ban


Lower House of Parliament is due to discuss a proposal urging the government to impose a limitation or ban on export of live cattle as Myanmar is still unable to make full use of machine farming.

The proposal was submitted by Lower House MP Sein Win for Maubin Township Constituency in Ayeyawady Region.

"I have learnt that in farm work, the ratio of cattle to farm equipment stands at 25 to 1. That means 25 out of 26 farmers still use cattle on their farms. But now, live cattle from all corners of the country are being exported. Most farmers find it difficult to rent a tractor. Government departments cannot afford to rend much farm machinery and equipment. Farm cattle can be used on farms, especially in areas vulnerable to floods. With few cattle after increasing export, it is said that farm work is in delay," said the MP.

If authorities continue to allow export of live cattle before farm machinery could be used at full capacity, there will be some impacts on both agricultural and livestock breeding sectors, he pointed out.

He also called for systematic and extended breeding of beef cattle as there are big markets in China, India, Bangladesh and Thailand bordering Myanmar. However, he said, more farm cattle are being exported.

Through majority of 'yes' votes, the Lower House agreed to discuss the proposal.