President Win Myint desires good governance mechanism

Reported by EMG
President Win Myint, when attending a meeting held at Lashio City Hall on July 10, said that he desired an administrative mechanism which supports rule of law and protect its people, giving them freedom, safety and happiness. 
He said that the aim of his visit to Northern Shan State is for the sake of national Interests. He added that in doing transformation process, to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages is important. He said that a policy has been laid down in doing transformation works of the country. Efforts have to be paid in implementing these works by respective departments, and then only socio-economic lives of people will improve.
Concerning land grabs, the president claimed it must be done in accordance with the law and in order to facilitate return of land to original owners, swift actions must be undertaken before and after the return of the land so as to solidify rights over the concerned land.
He also went on to state that the judicial sector must be free of graft in all states and region - highlighting the importance of all public servants to abide by current extant laws and respect to citizens.