Myanmar to work with UN and EU to ensure stability during election

The Rule of Law and Peace and Stability Committee in parliament will work with the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU) to ensure peace and stability in the coming elections, said committee secretary Win Myint yesterday.

Myanmar faced many conflicts, including sectarian violence, the Letpadaungtaung copper mine project clashes and fighting with ethnic armed groups between 2011 and 2014.

"The stability of the country will be a concern leading up to the election. It will change the country. People will decide whether the country will achieve it's democratic goals or not. The committee has to do more this year," said Win Myint.

“The country will be stable only if rule of law is in place. The country will improve if it is stable. Media outlets reported that the election date will be changed in the absence of stability and a ceasefire agreement. We should not assume that these reports are wrong,” he said.

Win Myint also stressed that rule of law could only be solidified of his committee coordinated with the relevant government ministries.

“The committee will try its best to ensure peace and stability. The parliament gave authorised us to stabilise the country. We are working together with Rene EU to give training to the police in effective crowd control and community policing. We will have more collaboration with the UN and EU,” said Win Myint.

The Rule of Law and Peace and Stability Committee received 7,270 complaint letters over the last year. Of these, 3,500 letters addressed issues of jurisdiction, 2,500 were about farmland disputes, 1,170 were complaints about certain authorities and 100 complaint letters were complaints about the army.

MP Thura Aung Ko said rule of law is very weak in Myanmar, and corruption is committed even by judges and juridical staff.