NUAC Orchestra Music Showcase to be hold

Lin Lin Khine
Caption: NUAC Orchestra Music Showcase 2017.
A press briefing was held concerning the National University of Arts and Culture’s (NUAC) Orchestra Music Showcase which to be held on July 13.
The show will be divided into 2 sections; a musical and other musical performances. It will be third of its kind to be held in Myanmar. This year’s theme is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the university.
The venue is at the National Theatre in Yangon and will be conducted by Academy award winner Dirado.  There will be a total of 150 performers at the show.
“This show is not only for entertainment purposes but also performance showcases of students from University of Fine Arts. The theme is to honour the 25th year anniversary of the school. In the final part of the show, songs composed since 1950 regarding universities will be played non-stop until the end. As this would be an event commemorating the university’s history, it would be a grand time. Students will be putting up their best chops in the show so please come and join our show,” said Academy award winner Dirado.