Thai film delegation visits Myanmar

Lin Lin Khaing
The Thai Film Delegation event at Novotel.

Myanmar filmmakers and directors attended an event on August 28 at Novotel Yangon to meet a delegation of Thai movie makers and artists.

The delegation, comprised of 14 Thai movie producers some of which had already collaborated in making Myanmar movies, discussed many possible ways to improve and collaborate.

Academy Swe Zin Htike, one of Myanmar’s most celebrated actresses, said, “Myanmar’s film industry will be 100 years old. Around 50 years of living under mismanagement cost the industry to lag behind drastically comparing against our neighbors. The Thai delegation visiting us today are already use to latest ways and techniques. I hope that the discussions held today will let local film industry’s professionals learn about international standards. I believe that by learning better ways, we can in the future produce films that will even reach the global market”.

Translated by Kywe Wa Dana Tun