Wild elephants poaching rises in southern Rakhine, Ayeyawady Region

Hsan Htoo Aung
The body of a wild elephant being killed in Ayeyawady Region


The rate of wild elephant poaching has been increasing in Ayeyawady Region and southern parts of Rakhine State, although conservation activities are being carried out at Rakhine Yoma Wildlife Sanctuary, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

In Myanmar, the number of wild elephants is declining due to elephant poachers who want elephant skins and other parts. Although the Ministry of Forestry estimates there are about 1,400 to 2,000 wild elephants in the country, the actual amount is likely less.

That’s why elephant conservation tasks are being carried out in Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park and Rakhine Yoma Wildlife Sanctuary under the sponsorship of Environment and Birds Conservation Team of the Forest Department.

“It is very important to conserve wild elephants. If the departmental heads and civic organizations carry out the conservation tasks of the wild elephants, they might succeed. Locals must participate in elephant conservation tasks. We would like to urge the locals to inform us if they see elephant poachers,” Dr. Saw Htoo Tha, Technical Senior Coordinator of the Birds Conservation Team (Myanmar).

With the aim to conserve endangered animals including elephants, the WCS is now carrying out research works with locals at the watershed areas in Banchaung region of Dawei District, Taninthari Region.

The Myanmar Elephant Conservation Action Plan was drawn by the experts from home and abroad. International organisations are drawing up the Myanmar Elephant Conservation Action Plan.


Translated by KSM