Ocean tourism generates record foreign revenues

KAWTHOUNG – Ocean tourism in the Myeik Archipelago in Kawthoung District, Taninthayi Region, generated more than US$85,000 in December – a record high – according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Kawthoung District.

Last December, a total of 601 tourists visited the archipelagos in Myeik Township. Most visitors came from France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and China.
“The district’s revenue in December last year is 39 per cent of the total for all of 2013. 601 of foreigners visited the Myeik Archipelago. The number of ships in the area is rising. The foreigners are interested in the beautiful ocean scenery. That’s why they stay at sea for many days. A German tourism guidebook described the Myeik Archipelago as the 15th top tourist destination for 2015. The regional government committee is now lifting the travel restrictions, and authorities are fulfilling the requirements,” said Officer Hlwan Moe from the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in Kawthoung District.

The Myanmar government allowed foreigners to travel freely in the archipelago in Kawthoung District, except in restricted areas. A foreigner must pay $100 per sea excursion, or $150 to travel beyond a certain distance.