Interview with Wine Su Khaing Thein

Lin Lin Khaing

A singer-cum-actress Wine Su Khaing Thein is going to launch her new album ‘Mal Thida’ on July 16 and she plans to hold a solo concert on her birthday, December 24. Q: How long did you take preparing for the ‘Mal Thida’ album? A: I put a lot of effort into the album together with Aung La (her boyfriend, also asinger). He helped me a lot for the album. I usually launch a new album in the opening season. But now I will launch it in July. Since my birthday show will be in December, I wish to have many new songs. Q: What kind of music style will be in ‘Mal Thida’? A: Just the way I sing. Music style will be electro or fusion. Most songs are romance. But one is about if there is no money, there is no love. Q: Please about the duet song with Aung La? A: He wrote two duets before. However, we sang only one song and the other was sold to another person. Actually, I didn’t expect to sing together with him. The song is about if my lover is beside me, I can do everything together with him. Q: Why did you choose the album title ‘Mal Thida’? A: The composer is Wai Yan Min Thu. He told me about the song and I chose it as a title song. Q: Are you definitely going to have the solo show in December? A: It will definitely be held on my birthday, December 24. I always wanted to have a show on my birthday. This year I will do it for sure. Q: Are you satisfied with what you are doing now, because you can do what you want? A: Yes. I’m satisfied with the current situation. Q: Do you have a message for your fans? A: I put a lot of effort into the album ‘Mal Thida’. I hope my fans will love it. Translated by Thetmon