0.15m visits to Bagan in 6 months

Ko Naw
Foreigners in Bagan. (Photo-EMG)

The Bagan heritage site in Mandalay Region has received over 150,000 international visitors in six months, according to the Myanmar Tourism Federation in Bagan.

This year’s low season – April, May and June – was busier than last year, the federation added.

Zaw Win Cho, a Bagan-based tourist guide, said: “Tourism will flourish in the coming yearThe hotels have received bookings from October to March.

A travel agent in Nyaung U confirmed: “Most hotels are booked for December.”

The government reportedly is trying to propose the UN cultural body, Unesco, in September or October to designate Bagan as a world heritage site.

Thura Aung Ko, the minister for religious and cultural affairs, said: “Unesco now accepted Bagan as a mixed heritage zone after a series of debates. The developers can finalise their ongoing hotel constructions and villages will continue to exist in their current locations.”

Formerly, the authorities claimed that Unesco had suggested relocation of some settlements if Bagan were to be approved as a cultural heritage zone and the government did not agree. It called for recognition of Bagan as a zone where people and temples could coexist, the minister claimed.


Translated by Nay Thiha