People not happy with current political affairs says Suu Kyi

Very few people are satisfied with current political affairs and there is much to be done to achieve development, says Aung San Suu Kyi in her speech to mark the country’s 67th Independence Day anniversary on January 4 at Tawwin Hninse Restaurant. “Our country gained independence 67 years ago today. From my standpoint, there will be very few people satisfied with current political affairs. It’s reasonable because if we settled so easily, there would be no more further development. We need to aim higher,” she said.The good practices and purposes for nation building which are lost once should be recovered and applied.“I have said again and again: the politics appertain to all the individuals especially to members of certain political parties. Our National League for Democracy aims primarily for establishing genuine democracy in this ground. Each and every one of our party’s members will be thriving for this goal,” the opposition leader continued.She then asked [people] to check the current political structure against the one her father General Aung San shaped in the first place, and to review whether or not the current design can fulfil the people’s needs.“This is the time for us to build the country’s freedom, peace and development. Sometimes, building is more delicate and complex than fighting. It takes more wisdom and visions. To sum up, I wish may the supporters of our party and the citizens have made collective push together with our league to reach the tract we want and proclaim upon the 68th Independence Day in 2016 that we have finally gained the true independence we long for,” she concluded.She also mentioned the importance and depth of Independence Declaration and Vow of Independence and urged the people to think how to maintain the state structure originated from the first day of independence.