200 flood-affected families need help

Around 71,000 people are left at shelters from floods throughout the country, sources say.

Since July 1 floods triggered by the heavy rain and overflowing rivers forced over 200,000 people to relocate.

Since then the shelters in Sagaing, Magway, Yangon, Taninthayi, Rakhine and Nay Pyi Taw have closed due to displaced people returning to their homes after the flooding receded.

H5N1 under control in Dawei


The severe H5N1 virus that caused thousands of dead chickens in some farms in Dawei, Taninthayi Region, has been controlled to a certain degree, according to the Region Livestock and Veterinary Department.

Activists demand Democracy Day

Activists from the 1988 uprising demanded to designate August 8 as “Myanmar Democracy Day.”

Former student leaders who led revolts against the military regime in 1988 declared this at a ceremony to mark the 29th anniversary of the uprising.

Vaccine given to children in Shinbweyan, Kachin State


Mothers and their children from Nanywun Township, Naga Self-Administered Zone went to Shinbweyan, Kachin State with a hopes that their children would be vaccinated.

Nanywun Township is 32 miles far from Shinbweyan. It is not easy for vehicles to drive there. The residents have to rely on motorbikes. Naga region has a difficult access to transportation. During August 2016, measles broke out in Naga and killed many children.

Three-wheelers stage protest against mini truck substitution plan of BRTA


Three-wheeled motorcycle drivers got together in downtown Bago and staged a protest against a statement on substitution of mini trucks in the place of three-wheeled vehicles announced by Bago Region Transport Authority on August 8.

About 100 owners staged the protest with vinyl signs saying, ‘No revocation of three-wheeled motorcycles’, ‘Owners must be called for negotiation’ and ‘To enforce traffic rules’ and headed to the Office of the Directorate of Road Transport in Bago.

62 patients infected with H1N1 still undergo medical treatment

A total of 62 patients infected with H1N1 are still undergoing medical treatment in hospitals across the country, with most patients getting better.

Lab tests were performed for 22 H1N1 suspected patients on August 6 and 7, eight of whom were found to have been infected with the H1N1 virus that cause swine flu. 

Two die of swine flu in Hinthada


Hinthada – One H1N1 patient and H3N2 patients were found at Hinthada general hospital, according to medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Aye Thandar Kyi.

There are 15 patients suspected cases of swine flu at the hospital, with two of the suspected cases already resulting in death.

“We sent nose swabs of eight out of 15 patients to national laboratory. Two of them are infected with H1N1 and H3N2. The results of the remaining six people are still not known,” she said.

A fire breaks out at karaoke bar in Thingangyun


Yangon Water Bus operation can’t launch until early August

YANGON- Although preparatory measures for launching Yangon Water Bus are being carried out, the plan can’t start until early in August, says resources.

Dr. Maung Aung, secretary of Yangon Region Transport Authorities, said that Yangon Water Bus would launch by the end of July. But it hasn’t started yet.

Drunk driver charged after killing policeman in Yangon

A deputy police captain attending a traffic accident in Kamayut Township, Yangon, was hit and killed by a speeding vehicle driven by a suspected drunk driver on August 7.

Police officer Soe Aung was at the scene of an accident on University Avenue Road between Bahan and Kamayut Township, where a speeding car had lost control and crashed into road dividers, when another Honda lost control and collided with him and the crashed vehicle.