Govt orders students to stop protests

The government released a statement warning students to honour their promise to stop their protests against the National Education Law following a meeting with the government on February 9.

Fighting breaks out between government, ethnic groups in Kokant

Clashes broke out between the government and the joined forces of the Kokant, Kachin and Taung ethnic militias in Laukkaing, located in the Kokant Self-Administered Region in northern Shan State, on February 9.
“Clashes have been occurred in four places in Konegyan and Koulon. I heard that the ethnic forces started the clashes,” said an unidentified military official.

Dispute erupts over land seized for artillery station

A four-acre plantation near Welgyi Village, Nay Pyi Taw, has been fenced in to make way for a planned military facility. The fencing sparked a confrontation between authorities and local farmers.
The camp commandant and the Air Defence commanding officer did not fulfil their end of the compromise made with locals before attempting to construct the Nilar 1 Artillery Station.

Gov’t to hold celebration for Bogyoke’s 100th birthday

NAYPYITAW – The Myanmar government will hold a celebration for General Aung San’s 100th birthday, which will fall on February 13, at the parliament compound in Nay Pyi Taw starting on February 11.

Civic organisations urge govt, ethnic armed groups not to sell land in conflict zones

Civic organisations have urged the Myanmar government and ethnic armed groups not to sell lands where conflict has displaced people from their homes.

The ninth Social Community Peace Forum was held on February 5 and 6 at Yuzana Hotel in Yangon. The forum included discussions about public trust in the peace process between the Myanmar government and various ethnic armed groups.

Aung San Museum thronged with visitors from far and away

Bogyoke Aung San Museum in Magway Regoin’s town of Natmauk, his birth place, has been packed with visitors since its opening on February 7.

The number of visitors to the museum reached a record high on the second day of the centenary commemoration of Bogyoke (General) Aung San’s birthday, said members of the committee for organising the event.

Local support free from instigation, say student protesters

Students protesting against the national education reform said that local people are supporting their protest march on their own account with no intention to incite unrest or violence.

They said their protest march column left a Buddhist monastery in the town of Aunglan, Thayet District, Magway region, at 10.30 am on Sunday after spending the night there. Along the route, they were surrounded and encouraged by the local people.

Public protest in support of students in Yangon

Yangon -- Some 600 people staged a protest in support of the student protest march against the education reform from respective regions across the country.

The Yangon protest began in Bo Sein Hman Grounds in Tamwe Township on February 8. The protesters comprised of members of students’ unions from respective universities in Yangon, political activists, labour organisations, civic society organisations and the people. The protesters marched from Bo Sein Hman Grounds to the City Hall.

The belle of the bus

Kyin Thein has proven that even a middle-aged woman like herself can work as a bus conductor, or rather conductress. Despite the rough and tumble nature of the job, she’s willing to risk life and limb to cope with Yangon’s high cost of living, along the way urging Yangon commuters to wake up to a new reality: bus conducting is no longer the preserve of men. 

Ethnic census release delayed

The Central Census Commission is not in a position to release the exact figures for the different ethnic groups before this year’s general election, according to the director general of the Ministry of Immigration and Population Myint Kyaing, who is also on the Central Census Commission.