Mandalay to host video workshop


Myanmar joins global drive to raise climate awareness

FOR THE FIRST time, Myanmar will join 172 other countries in taking action on climate change, with a public celebration of Earth Hour 2017 on March 25, according to the World Wide Fund for Natu

CI holders allowed re-entry to Thailand :Labour Attaché


Myanmar migrant workers who have a Certificate of Identity (CI) can return to Thailand after visiting Myanmar, said Labour Attaché Moe Aung Khaing of Myanmar embassy in Thailand on March 15.

“The workers can return to Thailand after Thai authorities stamped their CIs,” he said.

Cable car project in Zawkabin mountain initiates


The cable car project in Zawkabin mountain may be completed in 18 months, according to a committee member involved in the work.

“Zwekabin Sayadaw Kawi Dhaza has said the project was put off for various reasons in the past but now we will carry out the work with local companies.

Land clearing at Dawei Airport did not invite tender


Taninthayi Region government has not invited tenders for the land clearing operation at Dawei Airport as the budget.

A local company in Taninthayi Region was allowed to run the operation by using a surplus budget of Taninthayi Region government.

Name changing sensitive: ethnic minister


Rebel group attacks Muse road

An ethnic armed 

Kachin residents attack dams


119 forestry officials punished

The minister for natural resources and environmental conservation told Parliament on March 15 that he took action against 119 forestry officials, including two assistant directors, for being weak at combating timber smuggling this financial year.

Ohn Win then unveiled his plan to expand the Forestry Department staff from 15,450 members to around 18,000.

Axe 33 unprofitable projects: MPs

Parliament decided on March 15 to suspend 33 out of 44 “unpromising” projects.

The joint bill committee told Parliament on March 6 in its 2017-18 national planning bill that 34 projects under the Industry Ministry and 10 under the Electricity and Energy Ministry lacked prospects and should be suspended.

Fifteen MPs discussed the bill on March 10, questioning government representatives on March 13.