Government to sign nationwide ceasefire treaty in June, says Aung Min

The Myanmar government is making efforts to sign a nationwide ceasefire agreement in June, said President’s Office minister Aung Min, who is also the vice chairperson of the 
Union Peacemaking Working Committee (UPWC) during a meeting with political parties on May 18.

Low pressure forms in Bay of Bengal

YANGON: A low pressure area has formed in the Bay of Bengal and it may intensify further into a depression within 24 hours heading to Rakhine coast, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department (MHD) under the Ministry of Transport.

24-hour power plan underway in Yangon

The Electric Power Corporation (EPC) plans to provide electricity to Yangon, including the industrial zones, around the clock during the monsoon season, an official told The Daily Eleven.
The city’s power consumption was 426 megawatt in 2006 and it rose to 1,009.6 megawatt this year. 
According to the EPC, this is because there are many high-rise buildings.

MP to table bill to regulate jade mining in Hpakant

Upper House MP Khat Htein Nan of Myitkyina, No 1 Constituency, in Kachin State told the Daily Eleven that he will propose a bill to the parliament to control excavations of jade in Hpakant. 

Three local telecom operators to place five per cent tax on top-up cards starting June 1

Starting on June 1, local telecom operators MPT, Telenor, and Ooredoo will place a five per cent commercial tax on top-up card usage for mobile phones.
According to the 2015/2016 Union Tax Law, commercial tax will be raised by five per cent, and telecom operators must raise taxes on mobile phone usage on behalf of Union Government. 

Magway residents play tug-of-war to attract rain

In response to rising temperatures and aridity in Magway Region, local people organised a series of tug-of-war games, which is a traditional supplication for rain, from May 16-18.
Residents of Thingar Township held games in which men and women of various ages participated.
They also held ceremonies and prayed to sprits and deities for early rains.

Population declines in all but three regions

An annual report published by New Crossroads Asia (NCRA), the official research arm of the UMFCCI, shows that Myanmar’s population declined throughout the country, except in Shan State, Kachin State, and Yangon Region, over the 30 years in which Myanmar did not conduct a census.

Suu Kyi visits war cemetery

MON STATE – Aung San Suu Kyi visited the allied war cemetery in Thanbyuzayat Township, Mon State, to pay tribute to those who died during the conflict with the Japanese imperial army.

Medics upgrade to meet Asean standards

Medical universities are working to upgrade their curriculum now the government has given them autonomy in an effort to allow graduates to work throughout the Asean region.

In April, all medical universities were handed over to the Ministry of Education which granted them autonomy to write their own charters to ensure independent management.

Polluters face legal threat

Action will be taken against those who dispose of litter and sewage in rivers, creeks, lakes and dams, in accord with the freshwater fishery law, according to the fisheries department of Mandalay Region.

The announcement came shortly after mass fish deaths in Taungthaman Lake, Amarapura Township, in April were blamed on pollution from sewage.