Forestry boss blasts loggers

Nyi Nyi Kyaw, director of the Forestry Department, submitted a paper detailing how illegal logging deprived communities of income, the government of tax revenue and weakened the rule of law.

Untaxed timber pushed down the market price, which acted as an incentive for other loggers to follow the same practice, the department's report said. This further increased losses to government and started a vicious cycle in the market, the paper stated.

Migrants wait for new Thai permits

According to Burmese migrant workers in Thailand, neither country has fulfilled their promise to supply certificates of identification.

FB user sued over road-sweeper claims

A company which imported road sweepers says it has sued a Facebook user for a post comparing the differences in prices for road sweepers.

Taxi drivers rewarded for assassin capture

A ceremony was held in Yangon on February 17 to honour Nay Win, a taxi driver who was shot and killed while 

New committee to reset minimum wage

A committee to set an official minimum wage has been established, replacing an existing body, according to the President’s Office.

Student accuses Myaungmya headmaster of homosexual rape

The headmaster of a basic education school in Myaungmya has been formally accused of molesting and raping students.
A former student, from Kawat village, went to the local police station on Wednesday, accompanied by several teachers, to report the case.

Another abandoned baby found in Yangon

A newborn baby was found – abandoned – in South Okkalapa Township on Wednesday night.
Residents living near No 861 Saga Street said they became suspicious when they heard a baby crying from a vacant apartment.
Several people allegedly broke into the apartment and found a baby boy, about a week old, wrapped in a sack.

Myanmar workers in Thailand ‘will get 20 days to go home at Thingyan’

Employers in Thailand have agreed to allow migrant workers from Myanmar to visit their homes for 20 days over the Thingyan period, according to Ye Min from Aid Alliance Committee for Myanmar workers in Thailand (AAC).

New Yangon bus system still struggling after one month

The Yangon Bus Service (YBS) has been operating for a month now but commuters appear to have mixed feelings about the new system.
“When the YBS was first introduced, it was not convenient for us. I rode the No-7 bus as I lived in Thingangyun Township,” commuter Thein Min said. “Most of the buses on this line are always full with commuters but now it is not crowded. The bus fare for Thingangyun is Ks200 and Ks100 for downtown.”

Meeting eases Mon military tensions

Tension between the military and the New Mon State Party (NMSP) has reduced following a meeting, according to Naing Win Hla, the party's internal affairs chief. 
The commander of South-East Command and NMSP leaders met at the command headquarters in Mawlamyine, Mon State, on Thursday.