Hundreds of Laukkaing refugees need aid

Local residents who fled from the ongoing clashes in Laukkaing area have taken shelter at the  refugee camps in Thiri Mingala Mansu Shan monastery and Mansu Bamar monastery in the 12th ward of Lashio. 

Over 300 war refugees are taking shelter at Thiri Mingala Mansu Shan monastery while 21 refugees are staying at Mansu Bamar monastery up to Saturday and they need aids from donors.

Govt warns students not to enter Yangon

The government has warned student protesters against entering Yangon to avoid clashes and to ensure state security.

The statement said an agreement had been reached on the students’ 11 demands with the government, parliaments, the National Network for Education Reform and the Committee for Democracy Education Movement. 

Myanmar to destroy ‘illegal’ riot gear

Myanmar’s police force is planning to destroy rubber bullets and tear gas, as they do not meet international standards, according to an unnamed colonel from the police headquarters.

“Some of the riot gear we use is locally made and some is bought from Singapore via brokers. It is out of date and we will destroy all of it,” the colonel said.

“The police force is testing new tear gas and rubber bullets. They will cause less pain,” said Lt Col Thura Boni.

Family of Myanmar maid seeks legal advice

The family of a Myanmar maid who died after falling from a high-rise apartment block in Singapore is seeking legal advice in the belief she was killed, according to Mar Mar Oo, a labour affairs spokesperson at the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society.

Tin Nilar Aung, who went to Singapore in 2014 to work as a maid, was found dead in November.

Environmentalist calls for talks with China over logging

The Myanmar and Chinese governments should enter negotiations to stop Chinese loggers illegally felling trees in the Eimawboon region, Kachin State, which is being surveyed for conversion into a natural reserve, said environmental expert Nyo Maung. 

Southern, central students join Bago column

Students from Dawei, Mawlamyaing and Pakokku marching on Yangon resumed their march from Seikphutaung monastery. The government of Mon State stopped the column under orders from the minister of border affairs and security but they managed to pass and continued their march.

The students were stopped for a second time but again they passed the authorities. They entered Waw Township, Bago Region, winning the support of residents. They joined Bago students in Pyayagyi village, Bago, and the combined column reached Bago Town.

Bogyoke's student room on display

Room 113 of Bago Hall at Yangon University has been on display for two days to mark the 100th birthday of General Aung San.

Aung San lived there during his university life.

"Marking the 100th birthday of Aung San, we put the room on public display to show how simply he lived during his student life. Anyone can visit the room. Bogyoke belongs to everyone. We have asked for more days for the display," said Dr Tin Maung Thwe, a lecturer from the university.

3,000 villages to be offered loans

As part of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development’s Emerald Green project, loans will be offered to 3,000 villages even though there is criticism that loan disbursement is not the right solution to rural poverty.

Workers flee Laukkaing clashes

Thousands of workers flocked to Lashio Town fleeing the Kokang Self-Administered Region in northern Shan State as clashes continue between government troops and Kokang rebels.

Workers from Magway, Natmauk, Minbu, Taungtwingyi, Monywa and Mandalay go to the region to harvest sugar cane from January to April.

Thousands flock to Aung San ceremony

A ceremony commemorating the centennial birthday of the country's most-respected independence hero General Aung San was held on February 13 in his hometown of Natmauk, Magway Region, and received hundreds of thousands of people.

His daughter Aung San Suu Kyi, the chairperson of National League for Democracy, delivered a speech after Sitagu Sayadaw, Myanmar's chief promoter of Buddhism, gave the opening speech.