Two arrested over torching of Hpakant mosque

Two people allegedly involved in burning downa mosque in Lonekhin, Hpakantover the weekend have been arrested, the minister for security and immigration in Hpakant has said.

“The minister arrived today due to the mosque problem,” said Deputy General Administrator,NilarMyint.“No other news has been heard except for that two people have been arrested at the scene of the conflict.”

He added: “It is still unclear whether those two are the leaders [of the mob] or not.”

Buddhist nationalists protest NLD’s policy on naming Rohingya

Buddhist hardliners on Sunday staged protests across Rakhine state against the NLD’s call for Rohingya Muslims to be referred to as the ‘Muslim community in Rakhine’.

The new National League for Democracy government has been under pressure from human rights groups and others to accept the term ‘Rohingya, which is how the persecuted minority identify themselves.

Flood destroys three unfinished dams in Kalay

Three dams under construction in Kalay, Sagaing Divsion, were destroyed yesterday morning when the Nayrisara River rose to about 30ft, witnesses said.

Reports said motorbikes, huts and two heavy machines from the dam construction site were washed away.   

“The water level suddenly increased in the morning of July 3rd. As flood suddenly rose, no one living within 50ft of dam construction site could escape,” said a worker from the dam construction site.

Yangon minister vows to tackle power cuts, traffic jams and squatting

Yangon’s new regional government will make tackling the city’s regular power shortages its top priority, the region’s minister for planning and finance has said.

Myint Thaung put debilitating power cuts at the top of a list of three major challenges facing Myanmar’s commercial hub, with increasingly gridlocked traffic and squatting being the second and third priorities.

Mob burns temporary Kachin mosque

Kachin police said an illegal, temporary mosque in Hpakant was destroyed by villagers on Friday July 1, the Muslim day of prayer. 

The police say they are investigating the incident. 

A police officer in Lonekhin village tract, Thura Myo Naung, said: "Village elders and the Muslim community agreed to negotiate with the authorities and obey the law to build a mosque a month ago. We are going to take action and the security forces have been increased. We did not ask the military to help.”

Students move to include minorities

Around 200 representatives of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) met on July 2 at Pan Pyo Lat Monastery in Bago to discuss the organisation's electoral system and an expansion to ethnic minorities. 

Phyo Phyo Aung, the general secretary of ABFSU, said: “We will mainly discuss the electoral system and the structure of each university and how they solved their problems. Later we will discuss the conference of student unions.”

Fake malarial drugs found along borders

Anti-malarial drugs found in border areas are substandard, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA collected drugs samples from private drug stores and at township hospital pharmacies in Tamu near the Indian border and Muse on the Chinese border. 

The move aims to stamp out low-grade drugs, prevent drug-resistance developing and cooperate with the authorities to stop illegal imports. 

Sagaing unveils gold mining clampdown

Gravel manufacturers that have extended into illegal gold mining in Sagaing Region will be prosecuted, according to the regional government.

Kanbalu, Katha, Homalin and Kani townships in Kani district on the upper Chindwin River are regarded as centres illegal gold mining.

Activists demand 'political prisoner' definition

The Former Political Prisoners Society and Assistance Association of Political Prisoners have sent an open letter to State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi asking her to define the term "political prisoner", according to Tin Maung Oo of the FPPS. 

44th EMG hearing delayed

The Eleven Media Group’s 44th hearing in a lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Information against the EMG CEO and five other staff members was postponed to July 14 as papers were not at the Pobbathiri Township Court in Nay Pyi Taw but in Mandalay Region high court.