Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory to step up production of IV medication

The Myanmar Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein) is opening a new unit to increase production of intravenous medication in Kyaukse, Mandalay Region.

The factory manager, Ko Ko Aung, said the MPF (Insein) plant had been making IV products but the output was not enough to supply demand for the whole country.

 “We had been able to supply only 10 per cent of the IV needs,” the manager said. “The drugs are in short supply in the market after the seizure of fake drugs.

Minister to highlight child right issues

The Minister for social welfare, relief and resettlement promised at Parliament on February 15 that he would emphasize child rights in the future.

New curriculum to include human rights education

Myanmar is likely to include education about human rights in second grade school curriculum beginning next academic year (2017-2018), said Khin Maung Lay, member of Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC)

Architectural designs chosen for inclusion in new Mingalar Market

Three architectural designs have been chosen for construction in a new market building at the site of Mingalar Market in Yangon that caught fire in 2010 and 2016, said vice chairman of Myanmar Architecture Association.

Water taxi services to launch in early May


The Yangon Regional Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein said the Tint Tint Myanmar Company has won the tender for water taxi services and will launch in early May.

Public servant housing projects to begin

The government will develop low-cost housing for public servants across the country, said Kyaw Win, minister for planning and finance, told the private sector development committee and entrepreneurs at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Student union construction to start next month

Yangon Region’s chief minister Phyo Min Thein says the rebuilding of 

Rebels attack in Kayin

A splinter group from the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) and the Border Guard Force (BGF) have clashed in Hlinebwe, Kayin State, where the no.7 brigade from the Karen National Union (KNU) is based on February 18 and both sides suffered casualties, sources say.

“Troops came to attack us. The army, the BGF and no.7 brigade from the KNU are deployed,” said a major from the BGF.

Six attackers were reportedly killed in action and the BGF said it seized two M16 rifles, a carbine and a heavy machine gun.

Mon chief poised to quit

Mon State chief minister Min Min Oo told the Daily Eleven on February 18 that he would resign in days.

He posted on Facebook: “I will quit from my job. I want to thank everyone. It is normal that all things will be destroyed in the end.” He told the Daily Eleven that it was a relegation announcement.

“I will submit my resignation letter on Monday. Rumours about me have spread around. I don’t want to say anything. I am doing what I should do,” said the chief minister.

Yangon chief denies bus rumours

Yangon chief minister Phyo Min Thien held a press briefing to mark a month after the introduction of the Yangon Bus System (YBS) and denied rumours that he allowed former political prisoners to import 700 buses. 

“It isn’t true that I’ve permitted the importing of 700 buses by former political prisoners. They are doing their best to help the public. It is an attempt to discredit them,” said Phyo Min Thein.