Thinbawkway villagers refuse government’s aid


Heavy rain causes landslide, roadblocks on new Asia Road

MYAWADY- Due to landslides caused by heavy rain on the new Asia Highway of Myawady-Kawkareik road, it has been blocked for hours since the beginning of morning on July9th.
The Kawkareik Township administrator, Township Police Officer as well as head of Kawkareik Police Station and fire brigade members, MP from Myawady Township, Thingannyinaung Police Station and social welfare organizations have been clearing away the debris.

Over 400 flee from Shan battles

TAUNGGYI- Over 400 locals from six villages in Mongkaing Township, Loilem District, Southern Shan State fled yesterday from battles between the military and Restoration Council of Shan State/ Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA).
The fighting took place near the eastern part of Hsibaw and Kyaythee Townships in Mongkaing. Kyaythee Township is a place where RCSS/SSA camp was located.
The refugees are now fleeing to Hanngi village along Maingkaing-Kyaythee road.

Thai arrests force undocumented workers to seek help from labour attaché

As authorities speed up arrests, undocumented Myanmar workers in Thailand are reportedly seeking help from the Labour Attaché Office in order to return home.

Workers from CCI Cho Cho continue their protest

Workers from CCI Cho Cho factory have been protesting for more than one month for their demands to be met.
The factory, located in Twin Thin Atwinwon U Tun Nyo Road in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone (2), have been allegedly neglecting benefits for workers after agreeing to pay daily minimum wage of Ks 4800 per day.
More than 100 workers from that factory have been protesting since June 8.

Chairman of Arts and Crafts Association requests tax exemption due to stagnant market

As the marketing remains cool, government should allow tax exemptions to arts and crafts employing less 10 or less workers, said chairman of Myanmar Arts and Crafts Association (MRCA).
U Thardu, chairman of Myanmar Arts and Crafts Association (MRCA), has submitted a letter to Vice-president Myint Swe in regards to that matter, saying that there should be exemption or easing in taxes for a certain period of time until the market picks up again for the workshops to pay taxes.

Cheap internet packages only for promotion: Mytel

The fourth telecom operator, Mytel, said its cheap internet packages are only available within their promotional period.

The promotion period is from June 9 to September 8, it said. Monthly package prices are Ks800 for 1GB plan, Ks2,400 for 3GB plan, Ks3,500 for 5GB plan, Ks7,000 for 10GB plan, Ks13,500 for 20GB plan and Ks20,000 for 30GB plan.

RCSS makes negotiation with the army to free six personnel

Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS/SSA) is ne

Landslide threatens to remove Mawchi mining residents

LOIKAW- Residents have been warned to evacuate from No.3 Mawchi Mining Region in Kayah State due to landslides, according to the Village-tract administrative office.
“When we arrived there, the stones were continuously rolling down. That’s why we informed the villager leader about the situation and he inspected the scene. At night, he issued the warning letter to his villagers,” said Saw Dar from Lo Khar Lo village.

Myanmar’s super-fast Internet usage levels Asian countries

A total of 80 per cent of population in Myanmar ar