Ministry of Health and Sports to build more staff housing

The Ministry of Health and Sports is planning to build more housing for its staff in the 2018-19 fiscal year.
The ministry will temporarily stop building  new hospitals for one year – apart from those hospitals and clinics that are still under construction and those that are necessary to build.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits Lumbini

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is on a goodwill visit in Nepal at the invitation of Nepalese Chief of Army Staff General Ranjendra Chhetri, visited Lumbini Park, the birth place of Buddha in Lumbini, on Tuesday.

Fire breaks out in Korean-owned garment factory in Thingangyun

YANGON- A fire broke out yesterday morning at Korean-owned Yangon Pan-Pacific International garment factory near Kamarkyi Bridge in Thingangyun Township, Yangon Region, causing losses of more than K700 million, according to Yangon East District Police.
“The fire started at the A Workshop in the compound of the factory. Firefighters tried to extinguish the flames for a long time because it was very huge fire. They had to destroy doors by using cutters and axes to put out the flames inside,” said one of the firefighters.

Protest against fuel station held in South Oakkalapa

YANGON- Residents took to the street sto protest on Tuesday morning against a City Energy fuel station being opened near Parami road and Pinya in Ward No.5, South Okakalapa Township, Yangon.
The protesters want to see the station closed due to fire hazard.

Reconstruction works start at Nanthataung charity school

Construction works for Nanthataung charity school in Maungdaw Township, which was burnt down by ARSA extremists, have begun.

The arson attack on the free school, religious buildings and hostels in Taungpyo border as well as houses in Nanthataung village happened on August 28.

Now, the building is being renovated by Pyae Sone Kyaw Construction Company and a stake-driving ceremony was held on November 12, according to the presiding sayadaw of the charity school.

Police seize amphetamine tablets from vacant house

Maungdaw – Security forces seized 95,000 amphetamine tablets worth of K190 million from an unoccupied house in Ngakhuya Bengali village in Maungdaw township on Sunday, sources said.

The police received a tip-off about suspected people arriving in the village and security forces led by Police Major Aung Kyaw Myint went to the village to investigate every home.

They found a suspicious sack inside a rice basket at an unoccupied house owned by Swe York Hussein and discovered the amphetamine tablets.

Unseasonal rain strands cars on Phaungpyin-Pinlebu road


JE vaccination venues limited to 100 children a day

Each Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccination venue will accept only 100 children a day to “give screening
services effectively”, according to an official at the Public Health Department.

New Mon State Party demands Irrawaddy article removal

The New Mon State Party (NMSP) had requested Irrawaddy news media group’s article ‘Mon Army Reassessing Costs of War and Peace’ to be taken down.

Union Government holds full decision power for Sagaing acid factory


In order to resume operations at the ‘Thunder’ Sulphuric Acid factory in Sar Lin Gyi Township, the Union Government holds total responsibility.

According to Sagaing Region’s municipality Minister Myint Kyi, the factory that had become defunct due to license expiration solely depends on the main government body, not regional.