Local people fear more than 20 villages may be destroyed by Taninthayi River dam projects

If dams are built on the Taninthayi river, more than 20 upstream villages may be destroyed by flooding, say worried local people who are monitoring the situation.

 In the past, some companies carried out surveys with a view to producing electricity by building dams in Taninthayi, but did not proceed with their plans.

Now GSM Power, based in Thailand, is implementing plans to build dams on the river, bringing objections from local people..

Chaos as large crowd queues for Korean employment forms

Arguments and scuffles broke out among a large number of potential examinees who queued to purchase application forms for EPS-TOPIK Korean Language proficiency exams on Monday.

The forms, on sale for three days in North Dagon Township, will qualify those who pass the exams to be eligible for government contract employment in South Korea.

According to those who eventually bought the US$24 form, the wait was long and chaotic at times.

Striking coffee factory workers demand more privileges from employers

Around 700 factory workers from the Sunday coffee-mix factory went on strike on Monday morning, demanding more privileges, including10 days off during Thingyan.

According to the workers who camped out outside of the factory, their employers have yet to sign employment contracts and provide the proper amount of holidays. They also had eight other complaints they wished to raise.

Amphetamines worth nearly K400 million seized along Maungdaw border

Five Rohingyas were arrested together with stimulant tablets worth nearly K400 million in two cases in the Maungdaw border region in Rakhine State on Monday.

More than 9,700 stimulant pills were confiscated by officers from Maungdaw Township Police Force in Ngakhuya Village, Myomataung Ward, at 7 am on March 20.

FDA penalizes 75 pharmacies over illegal medicine

A total of 75 pharmaceutical businesses have been penalized for selling unlicensed and expired medicines this year, according to the Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Authorities have also destroyed more than Ks 827 million worth of unregistered, fake and expired medicines in Yangon Region and destroyed more than Ks 1 billion worth of unregistered, fake and expired medicines in Mandalay.

Magway Region to hold two-day workshop on federalism

The Forum of Federations plans to hold a two-day workshop on Federalism at the Magway Regional Parliament starting from March 28th, according to the federation.

Riverbank strengthening work 70 per cent complete

Seventy per cent of the riverbank reinforcement work along the Ayeyawady and Chindwin rivers in Magway Region has been finished, according to the regional Department of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems.

Thousands protest against bridge honour for Aung San

Thousands took to the streets in Mawlamyine, Mon State, on Sunday in protest at a proposal to rename a bridge in honour of  General Aung San.

The proposal had been backed by the Lower House of parliament.

Members of the Mon, Kayin and Pa-O ethnic groups held aloft banners and protest signs as they demonsrated in the city.

Philippine President Duterte visits Myanmar

Philippine President Duterte arrived for a two-day visit to Myanmar, landing at the international airport of Nay Pyi Taw, by flight on March 19.

Illegal gold miners still at large: MP

The authorities are yet to take action against illegal boats mining gold upstream of the Chindwin River, said Khamti MP.