21 H1N1 patients identified in Dawei


Dawei – A total of 21 H1N1 patients have been admitted to Dawei General Hospital as of August 21.

Thai DSI reopens case of Kayin maid’s death


Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation is reinvestigating the case of a Kayin maid who apparently committed suicide in Lopburi province, according to the Thailand-based Aid Alliance Committee (AAC).

The 17-year old Kayin girl, Nyo Nyo Aye, was found dead with two bullet holes in the back of her head, and her employer reported the case as a suicide at the police station.

Union budget funds to go on housing projects in Ayeyawun and Yadana

Funds from the Union budget have been allocated to the construction of 11 residential  buildings in Ayeyawun and Yadana.

Eighteen other housing projects will be carried out in cooperation with private companies under  joint ventures.

Development projects will reduce poppy cultivation: ministry

The military-controlled home affairs ministry will implement socio-economic development projects to eradicate poppy cultivation in long run, said deputy minister Major-General Aung Soe.

The deputy minister appeared in parliament on August 18 and spoke in response to Lower House MP Dr Khin Sithu from Loikaw Township, who asked if the ministry had a plan to help rehabilitate former poppy planters.

Taninthayi police bust illegal boats

Law enforcement authorities in the Myeik Archipelago have launched a crackdown on illegal fishing boats, sources say.

A navy officer said: “We told boat owners last year to apply for and extend their licences. We seized three unlicensed squid-poaching boats on August 14.”

Owners of fishing boats in Taninthayi Region must provide tax clearance certificates to get or extend their licences, according to the Fisheries Department.

Minister pledges to help end shifting cultivation in Chin State

We must end shifting cultivation in Chin State because its forests are thinning, said deputy minister for agriculture, livestock and irrigation Hla Kyaw during a recent appearance in parliament.

The deputy speaker’s comment came in response to a statement by MP Marn Law Maung from Chin State, who argued that farmers need government aid to transition from shifting cultivation, which is a relatively land-intensive agricultural system.

The deputy minister added: “We are drawing plans to help the farmers.”

Bago villages flood for second time since July

Villages near Pakokku in Bago Region have flooded since August 19 and residents say they 

Lottery sales raise Ks19bn

The Aungbarlay State Lottery Department

Jetty repairs delay water taxis

The launch of the first water taxis has been delayed because the repair of one jetty has 

Death toll from H1N1 reaches 29


From August 17 to 18, five out of 22 suspected patients were confirmed to have been infected with H1N1 swine flu. From July 21 to August 18, 282 out of 747 hospital patients were infected with H1N1 nationwide and the death toll reached 29.

Until August 18, the number of hospital patients suspected of having been infected with H1N1 reached 335 in Yangon. Among them, 82 patients were infected with H1N1 and the death toll reached seven.