Yangon University students denied anniversary celebration

The 84th anniversary of Yangon University Student Union held at the canteen. (Photo - EMG)

The Yangon University Student Union was denied the right to hold its 84th anniversary in a university lecture hall by the university rector and instead had to mark the date in the canteen on January 9. 

Approximately 30 students attended the event.

The interim chairperson of the Yangon University Student Union Ei Swe Myat said: “We wanted to hold this event greatly. However, the rector did not let us hold it in the lecture hall. If the authorities regard the student union as unofficial, the associations which they try to form are also illegitimate.” 

The university student union was formed in 1931. General Aung San and U Nu were members. The dictator Ne Win destroyed the union building on July 8, 1962.