Writer Htin Lin Oo denied bail

Writer Htin Lin Oo, who was arrested for allegedly insulting the Buddhist religion, was denied bail during his third court appearance at the Chaung-U Township court on December 31.The head of the township immigration department filed a lawsuit against him under Article 295(a) and 298 of the penal code after he spoke out against religious nationalism at a literary event in Thone Pan Hla Model Village in Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Region, on October 23.“The Thone Pan Hla village administrator showed up as a witness for the prosecutor at today’s court appearance. The court denied our applications for bail three times. But we will forward it to the district court. Another witness will be interrogated at the next court trial,” said Thein Than Oo, Htin Lin Oo’s lawyer.Monks from the Organisation for the Protection of National Race and Religion (Mabatha) and others attended the hearing.The next court appearance is scheduled for 8 January 2015.