Walk to mark Aung San centenary reaches Myingyan

Walkers pass through Myingyan (Photo-EMG)

A group of walkers celebrating the 100th birthday of General Aung San reached Myingyan on January 8, after they started their march on January 5 from Patheingyi Township, Mandalay.

They plan to walk to Natmauk Township which is the birthplace of General Aung San, in Magway Region. 

Group leader Thein Zaw said their march had faced some problems in the beginning but had become easier.

"The general died aged 32 and we should applaud him more now that we are free to do so. We sought official permission to go through several towns. Taungtha demanded that we must pass through as scheduled exactly and in the specific numbers we had applied for or we would be charged. We are grateful as they allowed us to walk through the town later than planned," Thein Zaw said.