Vehicle with logo similar to terrorist group emblem inspected

The image spread on Facebook.(Photo-EMG)

An image of a vehicle with a logo on its back that looks like the flag of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has been circulated on online social networks recently. Both the car and its owner have been detained and inspected.

The traffic police found and arrested the owner of a car with the registration number YGN 4I-1056 at 195th Street, Tamwe Township, on Wednesday evening.

“We checked at Ministry of Rail Transportation and registration department and found that the car is registered in Tamwe Township. We opened a case under traffic the traffic, which traffic police will handle for now,” said a traffic officer.

The head of the East District Police Force, Colonel Myint Htwe said: “We have no knowledge of its purpose. The investigation over the meaning of the text in the logo continues. That’s all I can say for now.”

The details of the legal proceedings and the specific charges against the owner have not been disclosed.