Task force set up to tackle cyber crime

Myanmar is organising a cyber-security department which will cooperate with its international counterparts to prevent technological crimes and educate internet users on security and offences, according to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The department would provide cyber security services for the government as well as other internet users, said deputy director general Sai Saw Lin Tun.

“We will inform users about spyware secretly running in their computers and prevent hackers who try to control other computers. We will try to prevent hackers in advance. There will be online payment systems in the future and we will educate people on how to protect their credit card passwords,” he said.

At present, the department is functioning with IT experts who have been transferred from Myanma Posts and Telecommunications. It is linked with Asean and Asia-Pacific cyber security associations.

“For instance, we mostly use Microsoft Windows in our computers. We will try to make an agreement with Microsoft to protect internet and email users. In doing so, Microsoft will remove threats from controlling the computers. Users need to check whether their software and computers are under the licence with Microsoft,” he said.

The department would work with firms to prevent the hacking of commercial websites, he said.

“First we need to find the culprits of the cyber offences and then we will take action on them under new cyber laws. Cyber and electronic laws will be enacted to deal with cyber crime,” said the deputy director general.