Rakhine immigrants from Bangladesh survive on govt aid

Ethnic Rakhines who have entered from Bangladesh into Myanmar depend mainly on the government to support their basic needs. Over 2,000 ethnic Rakhines have moved to Myanmar from Bangladesh over the last two years.
“Nearly 2,500 people entered from Bangladesh. They are settled in ethnic villages located along the Rakhine-Bangladesh border, but houses are not enough. They mainly rely on the government and other humanitarian groups [for their other needs],” said Maungdaw-based aid worker Hla Shwe.
“We have no jobs or job opportunities. Currently, we have to survive on government aid,” said one Rakhine immigrant from Bangladesh.
There are 329 houses for the 2,480 Rakhines who moved from Bangladesh over the last two years, according to Thant Sin, an official from the Border Affairs Department.
“Not many groups of people entered the country this season since we can’t create job opportunities for them. We can only offer financial support. Only a few Rakhines moved here to reunite with their relatives who already lived in Maungdaw.
According to scholar Mustafa Majid, around 200,000 people out of the total Rakhine population of 2.3 million lives in Bangladesh. Their ancestors moved to Bangladesh from what is now Rakhine State, Myanmar, over 200 years ago.