Protesting workers demand wage increase

The workers from Yess candy factory and Myanmar York garment factory on January 6 staged protests demanding an increase in basic wages.

The workers said they staged the protests because they have not been given wage increases.

In December, 2014, more than 1,000 workers from the garment factory demonstrated demanding increase in wages. 

“I’ve been working here over 8 years. My basic salary is Ks 31,000 per month. Overtime charge is Ks.315 per hour. My total salary is only Ks 90,000. It is very little for a worker of eight years. Besides, the salary for the new workers are very low compared with other factories. That’s why we are protesting,” said Wai Phyo of Yess Candy Factory.

The Yess factory produces more than 30 brands of candy.