No need to show car parking’s recommendation

YANGON -- Starting from yesterday (January 7), the car import applicants holding old car slips of 2014 do not need to show the recommendation of car parking, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

In the past, the Commerce Ministry announced that those who want to apply for car import licence, need to show the recommendation of car parking. Due to the announcement, the applicants are facing difficulties. The Commerce Ministry said that the ministry asked the recommendation of car parking to the applicants because Yangon Regional Government Committee has not sent a formal letter to Yangon Car-Import Supervisory Committee.

According to the letter, there was no need for recommendation of car parking while applying the car-import licence with holding old car slips of 2014.

According to Myint Cho, a Supervisory Committee member, the Yangon Regional Government Committee sent a formal letter including meeting minutes recommending that the applicants need not show car-parking recommendation while applying for the car import licence.