New ethnic affairs ministry to be formed in 2016

A new ministry to oversee ethnic affairs will be established by the new government after the general election and union level ministers appointed, according to the chairperson of the Lower House Bill Committee.

T. Khun Myat, the chairperson, said “The Upper House sent the bill back to the Lower House with its comments. The Lower House will discuss it. Then, if there is no different opinion between two parliaments, the bill will be sent to the president. After the president approved the bill within 14 days, a law will be enacted to form the new ministry.”

Khun Myat said, “The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs will be formed in 2016 after the law is enacted. There will be many good things if the ethnics’ literature and cultural development are shared. Although the Constitution includes rights of ethnics, there is no law for that. We feel suspicious with each other since we cannot implement trust in reality.”

Zaw Aye Maung, a Rakhine affairs minister for Yangon Region, tabled a proposal to the Upper House that there should be a new ministry to oversee the ethnics’ affairs.

Likewise, the parliament is trying to enact the law protecting ethnics’ rights.

Saw Hla Tun, secretary of the Lower House Bill Committee, said: “We show the bill to the ethnic ministers so that they can comment for it. The bill mainly focuses on forming a new ministry for ethnic affairs.”