Myanmar fruit prices falling in Muse

(Photo-Htun Nay Hlaing/EMG)

MUSE -- The prices of Myanmar fruits sold at the fruit market in 105th mile Trade Zone in Muse are decreasing because of poor quality, according an official at the trade zone.

“Last week, there were no buyers for golden musk melons. That’s why we decided to give away the melons free to schools and other places around the 105th mile trade zone. But during recent days, the prices are gradually increasing,” said the official from fruit wholesale centre in 105th mile trade zone.

This year, the highest price of watermelon is only 2.2 yuan per kilo and the price is a half compared to previous prices.

Moreover, there are more supplies than demand of fruit export via 105th mile Trade Zone to China and the quality of Myanmar’s fruits is not up to standard.

“At the moment, our farmers are waiting for the melon prices to increase. Our fruit quality is not good because we plucked the fruits too early. The Chinese merchants demand to buy good quality of the fruits,” said a local fruit merchant in Muse.