Myanmar extends Emergency Act 144 in Letpadaungtaung

Farmland in the project area on December 26 (Photo-EMG)

The township administrator of Salingyi, Sagaing Region, has authorised the extension of Emergency Act 144 in the Letpadaungtaung copper mine project area to two months from January 1 to the end of the February, sources say.

The law imposes heightened security and restrictions on movement within the certain areas. 

The restricted areas are Phaung Katar village, Letpadaungtaung Taunggyi, Taungpalu village, Wat Mey village, a tract of Ywar Shay village, Phaungkar Taung village, Lekekhun Taung village, Settae village, a tract of Phaung Katar village, Zetaw village, Palu Kone village, Shwe Lay village, Letpadaungtaung village and Tone village.

“Act 144 is expired at the end of December, and we extended it,” said Kyaw Thaung, township administrator of Salingyi.

Authorities also extended the law to areas near the Letpadauntaung project, including Sapae Taung and Kyaesin Taung mining projects and Phowin Taung forest reserve.