Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University tests drones

A drone on a test run (Photo-EMG)

Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University in Meikhtila has produced seven drones, which the university is now subjecting to trial runs.

Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), which are aircrafts either controlled by pilots from the ground or autonomously following pre-programmed missions.

“We have been trying to produce a drone since 2009. The project started with a team of eight. We have seven drones of sizes. The biggest drone is about 12 feet wide and has 10 horsepower. They can fly about 60 miles, with the longest flight time exceeding five hours.  The greatest difficulty in producing drones is the cost. A drone costs at least Ks 15 million to make. We used the drones for measuring maps and taking aerial photos. These drones can also be used to monitor the border areas for mining purposes. Moreover, they can be used to rescue people from areas hit by natural disasters. We are now working on drones that don’t need runways,” said Dr Kyi Thwin, rector of the university.

The Aerospace Engineering University in Meikhtila opened in 2002 and has 560 undergraduate students and 40 graduate students.