Ministries to be investigated for overspending

A parliamentary committee will summon officials from some government ministries to discuss the auditor-general’s findings on the ministries' budget spending on January 8-9.

The Union Auditor-General's Office identified overspending within several ministries when it audited the budgets of the government ministries for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

“The meetings will include officials from the ministries and the Union Auditor-General's Office, as well as members of the parliamentary committee. It will last two days, as the number of ministries is enormous. We will discuss the auditor-general's reports at the upcoming meeting. The auditor-general's report will be submitted at the upcoming session of the Union parliament,” said Thurain Zaw, chairman of the Public Account Committee.

The meeting will be attended by some ministries that spent too much money. But ministries the did not go over budget will not be called, he added.
On September 16, 2104, Upper House speaker Khin Aung Myint criticised the Union budget saying that only about half of the amount were really spent.  The speaker also directed all MPs to investigate budget spending in their respective constituencies.

Some MPs from the Union parliament have unanimously said that they have already reported their findings on the projects of some government ministries to the speaker. Parts of the reports were compiled based on complaints by voters about shoddy projects taking place in their districts.