Houses along Nay Pyi Taw Highway warned of demolition for road widening

The authorities have reportedly sent a letter of warning to the houses on both sides of Nay Pyi Taw Highway that they are to move within four months so as to widen Yangon-Mandalay Highway up to 20 feet each on both sides. 

The letter was sent by from a highway maintenance office on Friday. 

Yangon-Mandalay Highway that includes Nay Pyi Taw areas was set to be 180 feet each wide on both sides of the traffic island when the construction started. The local residents living beside Nay Pyi Taw Highway received Ks 350,000 (About US$ 350) for an acre of land as compensation. 

Soe Soe Win, a junior engineer from the office, said: “Previously, we had designated 200 feet each on both sides of the traffic island. Compensations had been paid for all 400 feet. But I didn’t know about details. So they have to move out of there. We will issue the warning three times. This is the first time. The project will start before April this year.” 

The warning sent to the locals states that construction of roads or houses or digging in the highway areas without approval from Public Works is banned and any violator is punishable by three years’ imprisonment or Ks 50,000 to Ks 100,000 or both. 

“I have four and a half acres of land in the extended area. If I receive compensation, I will give them. But we are being ask to move without compensation,” said Nay Lin Soe from Yebya Village near Mile Post 192. 

“In 2009, the highway area’s length was 360 feet. But now they are saying ‘400 feet’. I lost half an acre in the 360-foot length area. I didn’t even get compensation for that. If I do receive compensation, I will face them according to the law.” 

The 336-mile-and-3-furlong-long Yangon-Mandalay Highway was opened in 2009.