George Soros visits Bengali camps in Sittwe

George Soros visits refugee camps in Sittwe. (Photo - EMG)

Sittwe – George Soros, the chairman of Open Society, visited refugee camps in Sittwe on January 8 as part of a fact-finding mission.  

The American millionaire philanthropist came to Sittwe to provide humanitarian aid and to boost economic development. On arrival, Soros met the chief minister of Rakhine State, Maung Maung Ohn, aboard his private plane.

He also met Bengali leaders in Darpaing and Thetkalpyin refugee camps and visited camps in Rakhine and met other leaders in Inbarlar quarter. 

In his meetings, he questioned leaders about clothing, accommodation, education, health and their sources of income. 

There was a ban on photography while he was getting off his plane to hide its code numbers. He left Sittwe in the evening.    

Open Society is a network of foundations, partners and projects working in more than 100 countries.