Gem Company fills Uru creek earth to extend road

Earth is being filled Uru creek to extend the road to mine for jade. (Photo - EMG)

HPAKANT-A gem company is filling Uru creek with the earth to extend a road for enabling the trucks to go through it in Mahmon village, Hpakant in Kachin State.   

The extended road is some 40 feet wide. The road is being extended by filling the Uru creek with the earth, the local people said.

The extension of the road caused the Uru creek to be narrower. The local people are raising concern for fearing that possible danger of floods would occur in the raining season. 

The Uru creek narrows at the bottom. Therefore there may be floods in the upstream of the creeks. In the raining season in 2014, Hpa-kant saw floods and it broke the record. Most people including the schoolchildren had to face difficulties in moving one place to another. If the creek becomes narrower, there may be floods in the upstream of Hpakant. 

Hpakant region has more than 300 joint venture companies and 500 private-owned companies and 15,000 gem blocks. The waste is being disposed into the Uru creek and so its tributaries become silted up.

The careless disposal of waste by the gem companies caused pollution to the creek. The creek has become narrower three times greater than the previous. State MP In Phan Garan said that he would submit a proposal of possible danger of flood in most villages in Hpakant to the respective parliaments.