Farmers accused of trespassing

The deputy medical superintendent of Magway’s Medicine University filed a complaint against local farmers in Hsar Taing Kn and Dhahet Kan villages for trespassing on the university’s land with Magway Myoma police station on January 7.

About 200 acres of farmland in above villages were bought by the university at the price of Ks15,000 (about US$15) per acre in 2001 to build academic hospital and Medicine University (Magway).

After the academic hospital and staff quarters were built, local farmers decided to grow crops in the vacant farmland. They paid Ks 35,000 ($35) per acre for land rent to the hospital until 2012. 

In 2013, they continued to grow the crops without paying land rental fees. The university then decided to put up fences around the farmland.

Dr Myo Min Thein, deputy medical superintendent, filed a complaint with the police accusing the farmers of trespassing on the university’s land.

Likewise, the farmers also filed a complaint against the university officials for trespassing on their farmland.