Committee to negotiate with Letpadaungtaung villagers

The committee established to implement the recommendations in the report of the Letpadaungtaung Investigation Committee affirmed that it will continue its work project in accordance with the report and negotiate with the residents, who claim they were inadequately compensated for the land they lost to accommodate the mine project.

Tin Myint, the secretary of the implementation committee, said: “We will give more compensation to the farmers. We are carrying out the processes in accordance with the suggestion of the report. We will negotiate with the residents to prevent crisis. We will try to satisfy the residents.”

The committee has increased the compensation amount and built better houses for villagers, according to the report of the Investigation Committee.

Tin Myint said: “The villagers are really honest. The recent crisis occurred because of external instigation and networks. Action will be taken against the instigators.”

He continued: “The Letpadaungtaung mine project is a state project, and compensations were given in line with the law. The project began under the former dictatorship. At that time, people were compensated fairly, and the farmers accepted the compensation. Today, on the contrary, they demonstrate because of external instigation, which has led to clashes.”

The committee explained that the report contains eight recommendations concerning the land, of which seven have been carried out by the committee. Of the 23 recommendations concerning the environment, 12 have been carried out, and of the nine socioeconomic suggestions, eight have been carried out. Two suggestions regarding religion have also been implemented.

Tin Myint said: “We gave financial aid to the villagers before the project started. We gave US$ 70 per month for 1 to 10 acres of land, $120 for 11 to 20 acres and $160 for 20 acres and above. We have given over Ks 6 billion to 556 farmers.”

In accordance with the report of the Investigation Committee, the profit agreement on the mine project has been revised so that the state will get 51 per cent, Union of Myanmar Economic Holding Enterprise will get 19 per cent and Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Co Ltd will get 30 per cent.