Civic coalition for EITI to discuss Letpadaungtaung conflict

Civic groups from the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) will call an urgent meeting about recent clashes at Letpadaungtaug, according to 88 Generation Peace and Open Society.

EITI’s Myanmar civic groups include the Kayin Environmental and Social Campaign, Spectrum, 88 Generation Peace and Open Society, Paungku, Seinyaingso Mandalay for Myanmar-China Pipeline Watch Committee, Shwe Gas Campaign, Winlet Foundation, Dawei Development Association and Seinlan Amimay.

Tun Myint Aung, a member of 88 Generation, said on December 26 that if the Letpadaungtaung issue is not solved effectively, the civic coalitions will withdraw from the EITI.

He continued that the invitations for meetings for the meeting were sent out on December 30.

"Myanmar's bid to become a member of EITI on December 31 has been postponed due to criticism of the government’s performance. If civic organisations leave the EITI, that would further endanger Myanmar's effort to become a member," Tun Myint Aung added.

Win Myo Thu, the managing director of Seinlan Amimyay said that while Myanmar's attempts to become a member of the EITI seem favourable to the international community, it has actually caused Myanmar people to suffer.

“The international community, including President Obama, seems to comply with the government’s desire. Previously, the international community stood with the Myanmar people and opposed to the military bullies. Now, it seems the government and the international community are allied, and the people are helpless,” Win Myo Thu said.

The coalition of civic groups announced on December 24 that the Letpadaungtaung case seems to have broken the terms of the EITI, and the coalition will submit a report to the EITI.