Asia World checkpoint attacked in Naungcho

Asia World checkpoint seen in November, 2014 (Photo-Tun Nay Hlaing/EMG)

Naungcho – Security forces and a group of unknown people exchanged fires at Asia World checkpoint in Naungcho at 10 pm on Thursday, security sources say.

The accident happened when the security personnel stopped a car at the checkpoint for normal routine but people in the car didn’t agree to check their car. Instead they start fired to the security forces and the army returned fire at them. After a series of exchanged fires, they drove their car into a nearby forest besides Lashio-Theinni Road and escaped, said a senior police officer from Nay Pyi Taw police force.

“They didn’t stop their car to check and opened fires to the security forces though no one from the security forces is hurt. We don’t know how many of them are killed or hurt right now as they are at large,” he said.

“They exchanged fires with security forces at the checkpoint and we heard that they hit the cars which blocked to stop them at Lashio Road and run away,” said an official from Naungcho checkpoint.

“The car which drove away from Asia World checkpoint fired three bullets to mobile team and the security forces at the gate return fired at them,” said an unnamed local from Naungcho.

The army followed the car instantly and found them at Lashio around 4 am next day. The fighting continued and they escaped.

The place where the fighting occurred is an area where ethnic armed groups are operating. Besides drug smugglers are operating in that area.

“We don’t think the attack was done by ethnic armed groups. Recently a businessman from Lashio was kidnapped and killed,” said a local from Lashio.