Activists protest against Letpadaungtaung conflict in Yangon

Activists demonstrated against the Letpadaungtaung conflict in front of Yangon City Hall on January 1, 2015.

They marched from Yangon City Hall to the Chinese embassy in Dagon Township. 

Protesters urged the government to resolve the conflict and recited  poems for in honour of farmer Khin Win, who was killed in the recent clashes. 

“We feel sorry that farmers have been exploited. Because of the government’s mismanagement, the public is in pain. As long as we can’t remove the dictatorship, our lives are not safe. Our lands are confiscated. People died in the clashes. This is because of the wrong policies of the government. Khin Win was killed. They is responsible for that,” said protestor Kyi Min. 

Protestors decried the Letpadaungtaung clash, calling it a nightmare for the whole country. They promised to continue fighting the project together with the farmers from the Letpadaungtaung area.

“We demand to find out who killed Khin Win in the clash and to stop the Letpadaungtaung copper mining project, which the public does not want. As long as the government does not fulfil the public’s demands, we have to protest on the streets,” said protestor Soe Zaw. 

Protestors conducted the demonstration holding placards saying “Stop the murder project” and “Get Out, Wanbao”.