Activists demonstrate on Independence Day

Around 150 activists from 22 organisations demonstrated to demand constitutional amendment, the release of all political prisoners, freedom of expression and internal peace at Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon on January 4, Myanmar’s Independence Day.
The 22 organisations released an announcement in honour of Independence Day, recounting the failures of previous Myanmar governments to negotiate nationwide peace. The announcement also pointed out that despite Myanmar’s 67 years of independence, citizens have been bereft of basic rights since the military took power in 1962.
Although Myanmar is said to be undergoing a democratic transition under a quasi-civilian government, the government continues to confiscate land from citizens, labour rights are frequently biolated, the national education law is not the student-centred, citizens are frequently bullied and even murdered by government authorities and political activists are often arrested.
“There are 164 political prisoners remaining in Myanmar prisons. Another 203 are going through trials. Please amend the constitution, which is the main source of all political crises. Only then can Myanmar achieve genuine independence,” declared political activist Moe Thway.