Indian border security tightened after blasts

Aung Thu Tun
The scene of a bomb attack (Photo-EMG)

The authorities have tightened security in Tamu in Sagaing Region on May 18 after series of bomb blasts on the Indian border from May 16, sources say.

“Bomb blasts occurred in Tamu on the early morning and night of May 16 and bomb attacks occurred in Moreh, Manipur State, India, on May 16 and 17. Police are checking cars and motorcycles on the Asia Road. They even searched for bombs in motorcycles’ toolboxes,” said National League for Democracy member Myint Zaw from Tamu.

Nantpharlon Market remained active.

A market trader said: “Trade is normal. It is not strange for residents as no casualty occurred in the blasts. The blasts mostly occurred next to the fences. Although they are worried by the blasts, they paid little attention."

A resident called Larpu said: “Three blasts occurred yesterday night. I think they are stun grenades. The authorities cannot arrest the culprits. We want the police to tighten security. No information is released about the blasts. We heard police sirens last night but the blast occurred in Moreh. The authorities tightened border so we can't cross for trade. Some make a living selling vegetables. We depend on each other."