Bago houses lost in landslide

Maung Aye
The eroded Bago sea bank. (Photo-EMG)

Over 200 houses of the Mamauk village in Bago Region have been lost in a landslide triggered by erosion, sources say.

Shwetasote and Sarpyusu villages have been lost to landslides in previous years and the Mamauk residents fear they will face the same fate.

The villages sit on the sea bank. 

Thein Win, a village school principal, said: “Two village and some acres of farmland collapsed into the sea years before. Mamauk village lost 500 acres last year and two-thirds of village ground this year. Many villagers have to relocate. We’re in deep trouble.”

He added that the continuous rain quickened the landfall. 

“The roads are ruined by the rain and the help cannot reach the village. We also need a new school for over 250 relocated children.”

The villages to the east of Bago also need fresh water.


Translated by Nay Thiha