Canadi Hill in Chin State needs preservation

Aung Thu Tun
Canadi Hill area in Chin State.

The Canadi Hill in Chin State needs to be preserved or the surrounding areas might face water shortages in the future, say environmentalists.

The hill, in northern Chin State near Tiddim Township has experienced many landslides since 2015, locals say.

“Canadi is the main source of water for Tiddim. Too much logging is affecting the water supply for Tiddim. The problem is that the township authority person himself commits logging since he runs a construction company. Another problem is that waste sands produced from constructing roads falls into the rivers and streams at the base of the hill which depletes the waters supply,” said Hlaing Aung of Canadi Green Group.

Visitor Hlaing Tun said: “I’ve seen rhododendron trees torn down on the way here. It takes many years to grow those trees. Residents have to preserve the forest and the government should manage the area properly for the sake of the environment.”

The former forestry minister promised to regard the hillside as natural land, preserving animals and the environment in line with the laws, rules and regulations.

Ko Twun from Chin Hill Natural Resource Watch said: “All stakeholders including the government, civic organizations and residents have to cooperate for the preservation of the land. Education is also needed. People need to be educated why logging should be banned.” 


Translated by Thetmon