New Yangon bus system still struggling after one month

Pyae Phyo Aung
Sule bus stop (Photo: Pyae Phyo Aung).
The Yangon Bus Service (YBS) has been operating for a month now but commuters appear to have mixed feelings about the new system.
“When the YBS was first introduced, it was not convenient for us. I rode the No-7 bus as I lived in Thingangyun Township,” commuter Thein Min said. “Most of the buses on this line are always full with commuters but now it is not crowded. The bus fare for Thingangyun is Ks200 and Ks100 for downtown.”
The buses are crowded with people before 9am and after 5pm, so people have to wait a long time for a free bus to come.
“I hoped the YBS would be OK for us at first but now it’s not like I imagined. Three bus lines ran to my township before but now only two bus lines go there. But the buses are enough for us,” a female worker said.
A YBS official said: “No one can deny that the number of buses currently running is enough. That problem will not be resolved until new buses arrive. 
“And we cannot install a smart-card system in buses yet and that is making buses fight to get more commuters. Plus we don’t have enough bus drivers.”
Currently the YBS has about 4,000 buses covering over 80 bus lines.