Embassy fail to find murder victim's family

Nyan Win Shein

The authorities cannot make contact with the relatives of one out of five Myanmar workers killed during a sword attack in Serdang, Malaysia, and they cannot cremate his body, sources said.

Myanmar workers returning home from their factory jobs on the night of January 5 were attacked by four men with swords and four of them died on the spot. One of them died later at hospital.

“The relatives of four of them have been contacted as they had genuine passports. The last one is reportedly from Rakhine State but the authorities lost contact with his relatives. We had permission to cremate four bodies apart from the last one. We don’t know whether his passport is fake. We cannot find his name on the workers’ list announced by the Ministry of Labour. We are still checking how he arrived in Malaysia. We don’t have permission to cremate his body,” said an official from the Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia on January 11.

The Malaysian police say they are looking for the attackers. The source said six Myanmar workers, who were attacked, were in police custody for their safety and would be released after giving statements.