Govt to spend Ks4.8 billion on houses for Taninthayi squatters

Zaw Moe Oo

The Taninthayi Region government will spend Ks4.8 billion (US$3.5 million) to build apartments for squatters in coming fiscal year, according to the region’s chief minister.

Dr Lae Lae Maw said at a press conference on January 7: “Myeik is a small town. Since the industrial, livestock and agricultural zones have taken up so much space, that residential area shrinks. The town is filled with squatters. Myeik has the largest number of squatters in Taninthayi Region. I have received permission and a budget to build apartments for squatters. Squatters in Myeik and Dawei are on the priority list.”

She added that Taninthayi looks undeveloped compared to fancy and sophisticated towns in neighbouring countries and requested businesspeople in the region to take part in regional development.

The region is home to 1.4 million people, according to the 2014 census. The government is trying to build more fair-cost apartments across the country.

Construction Minister Win Khine said early this month that the government is planning to build 180,000 apartments over five years, starting from the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development under the Construction Ministry will sell 2,200 low-cost apartments and is due to develop more low-cost housing to meet demand.

The minister said the regional government is planning to develop 8,000 more low-cost apartments within a two-year period starting from the 2016-17 fiscal year. The cost of the housing will be covered by the revenue from high-end housing projects in order to keep the prices of the apartments at around Ks10 million.

The market price for the apartments will range from Ks9.7 million to Ks13.4 million, depending on location and size.

Translated by Nay Thiha