Electricity ministry announces huge loss

Aung Ye Ko
A part of the national power grid in Hlaingtharyar Township (Photo-EMG)

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy has announced losses of Ks 283 billion in power distribution across Myanmar in the 2015-16 fiscal year.

The current average cost of electricity production through hydro and natural gas is Ks 93.67 per unit according to the Ministry.

The government also spent Ks 22.67 per unit in subsidies last fiscal year.

The electricity prices for public households, industries and businesses are between Ks 35 and Ks 150 per unit, according to the Ministry.

Myanmar’s electricity demand is rising along with its consumption at about 15 per cent  increase annually.

A recent report on a nationwide investigation into electricity usage across the country conducted by the electricity ministry revealed that Bago Region tops the list for power theft.

A three-month national test has been conducted on almost 81,000 people by the energy ministry since July, suggesting that around 547,000 energy units have been lost due to misconduct such as tampering with electric meters and siphoning off energy.

A separate investigation was conducted in Yangon Region and found that 38,450 people stole more than 203,000 units of electricity.

Translated by Tun Tun Win