Flood destroys three unfinished dams in Kalay

Three dams under construction in Kalay, Sagaing Divsion, were destroyed yesterday morning when the Nayrisara River rose to about 30ft, witnesses said.

Reports said motorbikes, huts and two heavy machines from the dam construction site were washed away.   

“The water level suddenly increased in the morning of July 3rd. As flood suddenly rose, no one living within 50ft of dam construction site could escape,” said a worker from the dam construction site.

“The flood quickly decreased,” he added. “About 20 people were trapped, if the water had kept rising, we would have died [but] there was no casualties.”

With the aim not to deposit silt into the Yarzagyoe dam, three dam construction projects were allowed when the new NLD government came to power. Due to an increase in the level of the Nayrisara River, the flood occurred in some villages near at the bottom of Yarzagyoe dam and some farmlands were also flooded.

There were widespread rumors that the Myaepyo Dam in Kalay Township had also broken yesterday morning, causing panic among Kalay residents.

“It is said that water level increased due to heavy rain at the upstream of Nayrisara River. If there will be torrential rain in Nayrisara River, did water level suddenly rise up? It is raining starting from last Friday (on July 1st),” said a resident from Kalay Township.

They added: “In my opinion, the increase of water level means that water flow from somewhere of water storing place. We think that the water level suddenly increased as small or big Myayephyo Lake may collapse. Myayephyo Lake situated near Hankin village, Tonzan Township, Chin State, upstream of Nayrisara River. At present, no one can say that Myaypyo Lake collapsed because we didn’t hear collapse of the lake,”

Irrigation workers are now monitoring the debris to try and avoid the dams becoming blocked. Regional authorities and irrigation workers have been patrolling the Yarzagyoe dam.